Our Pastors

Our Pastors

Jonathan and Donya Stringfellow

Jonathan and Donya Stringfellow are the lead Pastors of Legacy Church of Fort Worth. Jonathan began ministry at the age of 18. His ministry grew during his first years in college and was in full-time ministry as a very sought-after evangelist by the time he graduated with a Bachelors in Theology.  

Upon graduation, he was invited by the college president to come and assist him in Austin TX. It was there that he gained valuable hands-on experience in ministry as Assistant Pastor. 

Donya, a highly accomplished singer/songwriter and musician, was singing from a small child. Having served in ministry most all her life, she sang with a variety of choirs and ensembles which included The Lanny Wolfe Singers during her college years. 

Donya graduated with a Bachelors Degree and she was serving as Minister of Music at First Pentecostal Church in Jackson, Mississippi when she and Jonathan were married. They began their journey of ministry together right away as an incredible evangelist duo, traveling the nation for the next almost 20 years. 

Jonathan has been blessed to have great mentors in his life. One of those is his Pastor, Steve Fender. “The day I met Steve Fender changed my life. He was me 20 years down the road and when I met him I knew where I was going. He changed the way I thought”. 

Pastor Fender remains a strong voice in his life today and Legacy Church is under the covering and spiritual umbrella of Pastors Steve and Becky Fender of Livingway Church in San Antonio, Texas. 

Dr. Wendell Hutchins, Pastor of Church Champions in Houston, TX, is another close friend and mentor of Pastor Stringfellow. His voice of wisdom and vision is one our Pastor values greatly. He continues to serve as a voice of counsel and strength to this ministry. 

In March of 2019 Jonathan and Donya became Pastors of Legacy Church - a multicultural, Spirit-filled church in the heart of Fort Worth that is growing rapidly.  As Pastor Stringfellow would say, “We are diverse on purpose”.  Pastor Stringfellow is a strong voice of reconciliation in our city.  

Using his unique style of preaching that includes passion and humor, he hits home with his heart-felt message and desire to see people come together.